Trump breaks with party on trade as he threatens tariffs

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are deadlocked less than a month before the Democratic and Republican presidential conventions, according to a new national poll of registered voters that shows the US electorate feeling disappointed in each candidate.

Trump has also called for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on" with terrorism. That's a swing state that Obama won in 2008 but lost in 2012.

Asked if the criticism of Trump is an unprecedented step into a presidential race by the traditionally Republican-leaning Chamber, spokeswoman Blair Latoff Holmes said in an email that "this is about policy, not politics". "It's a reminder that we need to work harder and smarter to educate Americans - including journalists - about the difference between trash and recyclables".

The leaders also discussed plans to replace the much-maligned North American Free Trade Agreement with Obama's preferred TPP trade deal - a measure that's faced fierce political opposition and is now awaiting congressional approval.

"On trade, on immigration, on foreign policy, we are going to put America first again", Trump said.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is rebutting Trump's Pennsylvania speech on trade, saying his policies would lead to millions of job losses and an economic recession. (UPI). Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI's prior written consent.

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Jones said that liberals are "attacking" and "stabbing people" in hopes of intimidating Trump supporters from voting because they know "Trump's going to win with a Reagan-style landslide".

"The notion that Donald Trump could benefit from the same forces that gave the Leave proponents a majority in Britain should sound an alarm for the Democratic Party in the United States", the Sanders op-ed warns. "I don't think it's tough enough", said Trump, adding that the tactic was "peanuts compared to many alternatives". The "Q-poll" result suggests some of her most recent romp may have been an extended Hillary "bounce" - which is now boomeranging back - related to her long-awaited primary victory over Sen.

The 70-year-old billionaire said: "Our prayers are with the families of those killed and injured in Istanbul".

Clinton stayed relentlessly focused forward in Hollywood, where she answered questions Tuesday evening from a mostly millennial audience of Web entrepreneurs, and but for a brief comment on the Benghazi report, in Denver as well.

The speech, delivered in the heart of America's struggling rust belt, stressed a central premise of his campaign: that global free trade - a Republican Party staple for decades - has hurt American workers because deals have been negotiated poorly. Fifty-three per cent said the same of Clinton. Its field period overlaps with those of the Washington Post/ABC News and NBC News /Wall Street Journal polls released Sunday, both of which found Clinton significantly ahead of Trump.

She proposed permitting startup founders and employees to forgo payments on their federal student loans for up to three years.

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