Disney Animation's "Wreck-It Ralph 2" set for March 2018

Disney announced Thursday that a sequel to its 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph is officially in development over at the studio's animation arm, slated for release on March 9, 2018. Reilly asks, after he's told they're being recorded live. Phil Johnston, a co-writer of the first film, will be co-director on the new Ralph.

Sarah Silverman will also return to voice Vanellope. The supposed villainous Ralph is shunned from the video game world because of his destructive ways and is left feeling isolated and useless. In the livestream it was announced that in the sequel, Ralph will leave the arcade and wreck the internet. Moore confirmed that Ralph and Vanellope will be back for the sequel and they're working hard on getting most of the supporting characters and cast back as well.

And the actor is itching to get back into the character which he said was 'very near and dear to my heart. The first Wreck-It Ralph made $471,222,889 worldwide, while 2013's Frozen was one of the biggest hits of all time with a worldwide gross of $1,276,480,335. "Oh, about Wreck-It Ralph 2?"

"The world of the internet is the ideal place to send Ralph and Vanellope", says Johnston. So many kids I've met all over the world are excited to see him again, too. "I've made that announcement several times, but it's official now".

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"Wreck-It Ralph" will be released in theaters on March 9, 2018.

"Wreck-It Ralph has been one of the most popular worlds to play in Disney Crossy Road, so it made ideal sense to celebrate Ralph's return by letting him go outside his world and "wreck" other parts of the game". Even if we do have to wait a little longer into 2018 to see it (assuming the Mouse House keeps to its usual trick of releasing its movies here a short while after the USA launch.) And the only real loser here?

A screenplay for a Wreck-It Ralph sequel was already being worked on directly after Wreck-It Ralph had been released.

  • Michelle Webb