Durant meets with Spurs

Although he's played for the Clippers since 2012, there are indications that he will go to another team this summer and it could be the Miami Heat.

A closer look at Ainge as he walked into the meeting revealed him wearing a pair of Durant's high-top Nike KD 8 Elite sneakers. Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Durant all on the same team? That decision is expected fairly quickly after he meets with all of the teams making overtures this weekend.

There are a lot of things Durant could want to talk to West about, from loyalty to a team to the thrill of victory after falling short.

The Sun Sentinel reports that the meeting lasted about 2 hours. Everything they presented to him was pretty new. I believe what separates the Spurs from every National Basketball Association team is the system they run that Gregg Popovich helped develop. First off, he would have had to take less money to join the Clippers if they didn't trade one of their three stars in Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, or DeAndre Jordan.

Trump's star tweet appeared on a white supremacist site
But Trump has also been slow to disavow anti-Semitic white supremacists who have expressed staunch support for his candidacy. There is no way of knowing how the image migrated from one of the seedier corners of the internet to Trump's Twitter feed.

But players like Crawford and Barnes, who feel they have been underpaid for their production the few years, figure to have a hard time turning down their first chance to get a sizable contract. Durant will eventually be in a huge city compared to OKC.

The Celtics had an interesting contingency plan when it came to recruiting Durant.

The Golden State Warriors failed to bring home another title after losing Game 7.

The Golden State Warriors core will be shattered be the Mavericks offer of 4-year, $95 million contract to Harrison Barnes. Adding Durant to the mix would put them on par with the recently-crowned champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bringing him into the pitch meeting is a power move for the Celtics. He may want to beat the Warriors instead of joining them. But while that remains up in the air, at least we know where he likely will make his eventual announcement.

  • Douglas Reid