Trump Shifts Muslim Ban to Only Focus on 'Terrorist' Nations

I don't know exactly what happens next.

The EU is a plump, juicy target for populists on both the right and left; when I was an intern in the press office of its European Commission in Brussels decades ago, the Eurocrats' days seemed more endless than enjoyable, as at least to my green American eye they struggled to fill the time between the daily noon press briefings - extremely well-attended, since cocktails were served - long lunches, and the keenly anticipated arrival of the afternoon candies cart.

That only furthers Clinton's financial lead. They will only go with and report a story in a negative light.

The UK's divorce from the European Union helps support Trump's argument that globalization and immigration are inherently bad and we should be wary of them both. "We want to be very fair but too many bad things are happening and the percentage of true hatred is too great".

But the move to divorce the United Kingdom from the 28-nation bloc and its government in Brussels was celebrated by those who felt the changing country has lost its way since linking up with the rest of Europe.

Two head-to-head polls released Sunday meanwhile showed a resurgent Clinton vaulting atop the US presidential race after a tumultuous month for Trump, who has failed to rally confidence among voters or party leaders. About 15 per cent of the British electorate is not white compared with more than 25 per cent in a USA presidential election.

Never before have Americans seen a presidential hopeful so preoccupied with self-congratulation - even when he's wrong on the substance.

"You have terror countries, I don't want them, unless they're very, very strongly vetted".

At this intersection, the enraged consensus is that the status quo is so unjust and acceptable that a proven up-ender might be just what we need. "That is why I have worked hard to find solutions to the economic challenges we face". "He's proud to be an American".

EU Referendum- Strasbourg The Seat Of The EU Parliament
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Trump's speech did not clarify what countries of the world this would encompass - and whether this would mean all immigration from those countries, including non-Muslims.

Donald Trump has once again spoken out in favour of Brexit, saying the decision to leave the European Union will make Britain great again.

Delivering a speech the next day in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump again talked about banning people from the US - but this time didn't specifically mention banning Muslims.

But for some Republicans, the outcome in Britain was a reminder that despite Trump's shortcomings, he may be the candidate most attuned to voters - an intangible that campaign cash can't buy. "People are angry, all over the world, people, they're angry".

There are, of course, several key differences between the British referendum and America's looming election.

"It is about Muslims from countries that support terrorism", Mnuchin said. Eventually asked to comment on the more relevant subject, the Republican presidential hopeful said the crisis "could turn out to be positive" - for his profit margins.

And while Trump made a number of statements about the proposal Saturday, it was not clear whether it would target only Muslims or all people from those countries, according to the reports.

"What ordinary people are saying is 'hey, give us an economy that works for all of us, not just the people on top, ' and I think that is to a significant degree what this Brexit vote was about", Sanders said on CNN. "They want to have independence in a sense". "And you know, we won't have to worry about these pesky immigrants and Muslims and women and African-Americans and other people, because we're going to make it great again on terms that will favor you'".

Colvin reported from New York, North Carolina, New Mexico and Georgia.

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