Trump's star tweet appeared on a white supremacist site

It was apparently posted at least as early as June 22. The shape of a Star of David with the words: "Most corrupt candidate ever".

Over the weekend, Trump posted an image on Twitter that showed Hillary Clinton in front of piles of money. A simple that you would expect - you know, like star that you would give a child, a sticker, the star that would be used in things would have five points, not six.

There is no way of knowing how the image migrated from one of the seedier corners of the internet to Trump's Twitter feed. The tweet drew a social media firestorm as anti-Semitic.

Trump ended up deleting the tweet and reposting a new version, this time with a circle instead of the star.

On Sunday, Mic News reported that the image may have originated from a white supremacist forum.

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"I don't have a message to the fans", Trump said when pressed on the anti-Semitic death threats in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer in May.

The American far-right has been emboldened by Mr Trump's presidential campaign, which has energised white supremacists and helped to unleash a swarm of online anti-semitism. It was later reposted with the star replaced by a circle.

In response to the Trump posting, Clinton's campaign tweeted a link to a webpage listing Trump supporters, charging it read like a "who's who of extremists". "You know, this is a simple star". He was highly criticized for referencing to Mexicans as racists and criminals on the day of he launch of his campaign. He also later called for a ban on entry to the U.S. territory of Muslim foreigners to prevent Islamist attacks.

But Trump has also been slow to disavow anti-Semitic white supremacists who have expressed staunch support for his candidacy.

  • Sonia Alvarado