Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte offers bounty on corrupt police

DEFIANT President Rodrigo Duterte delivers a speech at the Libingan ng mga Bayani to mark National Heroes' Day, rejecting claims he could be charged in global courts for crimes against humanity over his deadly war against drugs.

Referring to Islamic State group militants, whom he called "idiots", Duterte said, "I do not burn women because they refuse to have sex".

The Philippines president has offered a 2 million peso ($43,000) reward for information leading to the arrest of police officers protecting local drug rings - the latest step in a pre-election promise that saw Rodrigo Duterte pledge to curb corruption and criminality within six months. I will finish this problem of corruption, drugs and crime. "I hope you treat as your brothers, not enemies, and take note of the plight of our citizens", the President said in his remarks at the National Heroes Day celebration in Taguig City.

Duterte's bounty elevates the "war on drugs" he began since he was elected president in May and assumed the presidency in June. I don't go to war, so if I do not, then peace is the only means.

Mr. Duterte railed against critics who had complained that the poor who trade drugs to make a living were being targeted by the police, but added that military generals, city mayors, governors and police officials involved in the drug trade must also be stopped.

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"I learned if grown-ups are using drugs they should surrender themselves so they won't get hurt", said Weljen Mark, a 10-year old student. I'd just ask for a bed, foam, and something to read. "Kill them. It's okay because you're the victim here", De la Rosa said.

According to police data, at least 756 persons were killed during anti-drug police operations and 1,160 more by unknown assailants - many of whom were vigilantes - between July 1 and August 23. "I am declaring war", he told an audience at a national heroes' cemetery Monday that included ambassadors, war veterans and security officials.

The post Philippines President Offers Rewards For Corrupt Police Linked With Drugs appeared first on "I am placing per head P2 million", he said.

"We see this as a bold initiative to once and for all rid the organization of errant personnel who are in cahoots with drug syndicates", said Chief Supt.

"You can just imagine a country with three million addicts and they say they are just users. At the end of the day, if we don't understand each other, you will be dead", said Duterte who was wearing his favorite white shirt.

  • Sonia Alvarado