Samsung's new patent sure looks a lot like the Apple Watch

"Samsung Uses Apple Watch Illustrations in Smartwatch Patent Application", notes MacObserver.

"In a patent application that surfaced today at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office titled "Wearable Device", they [Samsung] discuss their new "exchangeable" strap mechanisms". So far, neither Samsung or Apple have commented on the likeness found here but obviously like with all patent filings, this doesn't guarantee a final product.

The patent, titled Wearable Device, clearly used images of Apple Watch, just slightly improving over Apple's design.

In the Supreme Court action, Samsung is seeking to nullify $399 million in damages associated with iPhone design patents in the case.

Most of the pictures in the patent application depict a generic smartwatch. For a company that has in the past been accused of ripping off Apple's designs, it's actually nice to see Samsung grow into their own. The patent details a device with swappable straps and a familiar charging array on the back of the watch face.

More than 100 designers and educators supported Apple and they signed on to a new court brief.

Samsung's new patent sure looks a lot like the Apple Watch
Samsung's new patent sure looks a lot like the Apple Watch

The case is expected to result in a landmark decision on whether total profits from an unlawfully copied design should be assessed as a penalty, in the first major design patent case at the top United States court in over a century. Still, it seems as if Samsung just can't help itself.

This design really strays from Samsung's design, although some are squared they do not protrude off the band as much as the Cupertino company's.

Now, Samsung has appealed that $1 billion case to the Supreme Court.

What the papers say " Samsung Caught Using Apple Watch Design Figures in a Recent Patent Filing", say Patently Apple, who first spotted the story.

"We all share a strong professional interest in seeing that design patent law continues to protect investments in product design", the group said in the brief which attempts to support the concept to design patents.

In March, the justices agreed to look into whether courts should award in damages the total profits from a product that infringes a design patent, if the patent applies only to a component of the product.

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