Apple reportedly developing iPhone 8 in Israel

Apple's iPhone 8 smartphone's hardware is said to be developed in Israel's office, which is expected to release fall of next year.

You might be busy trying to figure out the best way to get your hands on a Jet Black iPhone 7 right now, but Apple is already working on the next-gen iPhone, the one that's supposed to bring a major redesign next September.

Finally, some have suggested that Apple could simply abandon both prefixes and suffixes and simply call it 'iPhone.' This would, though, raise the question of what subsequent models would be called.

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner should be more accurate than the current capacitive sensor used by the iPhone 7. According to Business Insider, the source, who solders components for Apple, revealed interesting information about the upcoming flagship, but the specific details on the specs and design are scarce at the moment.

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Apple reportedly is the only company to pass requirements for embedding the WattUp technology provided by Energous that enables phones to be charged wirelessly. Apple has a two-year development cycle for new iPhones. "This person didn't give too much away about the new handset other than it will be "different" to the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7, which have been criticized for being too similar to their predecessors". "While employees in Herzliya may be referring to the next generation iPhone as the 'iPhone 8", the facility is not involved with branding or marketing of Apple's products.

If you buy an iPhone today, the back of it says "Designed by Apple in California".

Apple's naming history would indicate that the 2017 iPhone will be dubbed iPhone 7s, considering this years iPhone was named iPhone 7, after all. The Herzliya office is Apple's second largest R&D facility in the world, according to what Tim Cook said during a trip to the country in 2015. The office contains 800 employees and builds chips, storage, cameras and wireless technology. Apple has since acquired Israeli camera firm LinX.

Despite revelations, an apple spokesperson said the company does not comment on grounds of speculation.

  • Delia Davidson