Demi Lovato Went Undercover as a Lyft Driver-And No One Noticed

Or, at least, she did for a single day when she went undercover as a Lyft driver in Denver, Colorado.

The Skyscraper hitmaker signed up to surprise fans as part of a amusing promotional video series for vehicle service Lyft, and hopped into the driver's seat ahead of her early August (16) gig in Denver as part of her joint Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas.

The idea behind the gimmick was to get them to openly talk about Demi, potentially revealing their controversial opinions about her music and general brand.

"I actually really want to be a singer someday", she told one customer.

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However, the intimate moment under the lights didn't last very long as Rihanna pulled away to start her speech. Her studio album " VII " came out in 2014 followed by an EP, "The Cassette Tape 1994", in 2015.

The singer credits his close friend Demi Lovato for "pushing" him to show more of who he really is. The latest example is a new video for Lyft's Undercover Lyft series, where she picks up riders in disguise (and by "disguise", we mean aviators and a hat) and low-key grills them about what they think of her. "I'm so sorry!" she apologizes after Lovato takes off her sunglasses. "Selena's so much more talented".

She even convinced one of her passengers to sing some tunes from Camp Rock, and though her voice is seriously distinctive, no one noticed! She said she was a singer and she was touring with her ex-boyfriend's (brother).

"You lying about Selena being a better sing girlllll I saw u trying not to laugh (sic)", wrote one. Amusing enough, none of her passengers catch on.

In the video, Lovato introduces herself as Sam but gives plenty of hints about her true identity throughout the rides.

  • Michelle Webb