Experts Weigh In On Newly Released Health Information From Clinton, Trump

The Clinton campaign released a letter Wednesday from the Democratic presidential nominee's physician, detailing the pneumonia she's been diagnosed with and the results of routine lab tests, including blood cholesterol levels and her annual mammogram.

Bob Shrum, a Democratic strategist who managed 2004 candidate John Kerry's unsuccessful campaign, said Clinton remained the favorite to win the White House, with demographic changes favoring her over Trump, who is heavily reliant on white voters.

Donald Trump, 70 Trump released a letter from his doctor in December which said he would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency", but has not released any detailed medical records.

Trump was barely mentioned in the speech. In some states, Republicans consider Trump to be a drag on local candidates, while in North Carolina, the local races may actually serve as a drag on Trump, Holian said.

On Sunday, she had to be helped into a van after abruptly leaving the World Trade Center memorial after aides said she felt "overheated".

The announcements came as Clinton spent a third day resting at her home in Chappaqua, New York, after falling ill on Sunday morning as she left a September 11 memorial in New York City.

Hillary Clinton, 68 Clinton suffered a concussion after a fall in 2012, treatment for which revealed a blood clot in her brain.

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Trump's doctor says the Republican is 6-foot-3 and 236 pounds - giving him a body mass index falling into the "overweight" range.

Democrats have sought to pressure Trump to release his tax returns but the Republican has said he will not release them until a federal government audit has been completed.

Clinton released information from her doctor more than a year ago and provided updated information Wednesday following her pneumonia diagnosis.

"I'm not great at taking it easy even under ordinary circumstances, but with just two months to go until Election Day, sitting at home was pretty much the last place I wanted to be".

Hillary Clinton is back, and she is challenging Trump with a message that is going to be hard for his narrow and dark campaign to match. A poll of millennials is due later Thursday.

In a speech at the New York Economic Club, Trump stuck to his script, avoiding the more improvisational style that has produced a cornucopia of controversies.

The heart of his plan is a revised tax code, which includes a pledge that no business should pay more than 15 percent of its income in taxes, a major drop from the current 35 percent highest corporate tax rate.

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