#HillarysBodyDouble Is the Wildest Conspiracy Theory This Year

The crazed conjecture grew so intense that a professional Hillary Clinton impersonator had to assure she wasn't in it.

While claims that the body double had shed a few pounds were shared by a number of Trump backers.

It has also been speculated that the body double was a well-known impersonator of Hillary Clinton- Teresa Barnwell and that she is in a coma.

Hillary Clinton's health has been a topic of discussion for weeks now as some people feel that she's hiding some grave illness.

"Some say the differences lie in the details: cheekbones, smooth versus wrinkled skin and body composition."

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 memorial ceremony on September 11 after an hour and a half, stumbled into a van and was taken to her daughter's nearby apartment to recover from pneumonia-related dehydration. Speculation goes rampant. Hillary Clinton body double mania....

Hillary Clinton speaks during a voter registration rally in Charlotte North

Does Hillary Clinton have a body double?

OK people, calm down.

Hillary Clinton's health is a concern for plenty of people. In the viral video of Clinton staggering to her waiting van, Madison opened the door; other agents largely helped her in.

They've been analysing the moment the ex-Secretary of State emerged from her daughter Chelsea's apartment saying she was fine.

Cooper asked Clinton if her slow health disclosure was evidence of a lack of transparency, and Clinton said: "Oh my goodness Anderson". And although it's been pretty wacky political year already, the internet has just proven that this election is completely capable of getting even crazier. "That was accounted for, as #HillarysHealth sleuths focused on a new member of the Clinton entourage - a brunette women seen holding the Democratic nominee's hand in photos from the memorial". However, it was later revealed that the Democratic nominee was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and internet conspiracy theorists flooded social media feeds with the idea that the presidential candidate was using a body double - or Clinton lookalike Teresa Barnwell specifically - immediately upon hearing the news.

Do you think Hillary Clinton is hiding some serious medical condition? "Was it a body double?'" she remembers reading.

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