Snowden says will vote in presidential election

A Republican-led bipartisan U.S. House intelligence committee on Thursday released a report calling Snowden a "serial exaggerator and fabricator" who doesn't fit the profile of a whistleblower.

The report also painted him as a "serial exaggerator and fabricator" who chose to lash out against his colleagues following a "workplace spat", after he was reprimanded multiple times and failed to pass yearly NSA tests, which he claimed were "rigged." .

According to Wizner, given the various reforms sanctioned by Congress after Snowden-provided documents were leaked, it would be highly challenging winning a case.

"Edward Snowden is no hero - he's a traitor who wilfully betrayed his colleagues and his country", The Telegraph UK quoted Devin Nunes, the Intelligence Committee chairman, as saying.

The US government has struggled to manage the effects of Snowden's disclosures, which brought to light extensive its digital surveillance programmes and have led to dramatic changes in digital communications security and global data-sharing arrangements, including the annullation of a data-sharing treaty between the US and the EU.

The report comes as Snowden and his supporters have launched a major push to have him pardoned before President Obama leaves office, and as the Hollywood film Snowden hits theaters worldwide.

The report comes as Snowden, living in Russian Federation, seeks a presidential pardon because he says he helped his country by revealing secret domestic surveillance programs.

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There is "no evidence that Snowden has made any effort to formally express his concerns" about the activities of the NSA, and cannot be considered a "whistleblower", protected by the law, also says Committee in a summary of its report, details of which are classified and cannot be published.

It coincides with the release of Oliver Stone's "Snowden" movie.

Two weeks before he began to download classified documents at an NSA installation in Hawaii, the report said, he was reprimanded after "engaging in a workplace spat" with managers.

The American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are behind the campaign to pardon him.

"What we're hoping is that after the election when Obama is in his final months in office — at that stage he can begin to do something that are appropriate as a matter of conscience but politically hard", Roth told the AP.

Second, they say Snowden can't be considered a whistleblower because revealing classified information does not classify you for this definition. "There's been broad recognition that Edward Snowden has done an enormous public service by disclosing the degree to which all of our privacy has been invaded needlessly".

  • Sonia Alvarado