Trump to give 'major speech' on immigration Wednesday

That stance had aroused criticism from conservatives who wanted him to stand fast after he won the Republican presidential nomination in large part with a hard-line position that called for building a wall along the USA border with Mexico.

It was a striking look at Trump's leadership of a team he had said would help drive him to victory against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Nothing's ever going to happen. "But now he's reflecting on it and his position is going to be known".

The new investment comes amid signs that Trump's lagging poll numbers may be improving against Clinton's following a campaign reboot.

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Another Trump surrogate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also hit the airwaves to discuss Trump's immigration plans and assure Americans that "we're not going to have amnesty". On August 20, he convened round table of Hispanic lawmakers and business leaders, and left some with the same impression.

During primaries, the billionaire businessman avowed that he would knock every single house in the country to identify illegal immigrants and put them out of the country. That's what CBS' John Dickerson asked Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Sunday. Trump even questioned whether those born in the United States to people here illegally are citizens - even though they have automatically been considered citizens since the adoption of the constitution's 14th Amendment in 1868.

Trump finally hit the airwaves earlier this month with an ad focused on immigration, and so far has only spent about $5 million.

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Trump's supporters say questions about his recent waffling are overblown. "It is going to be tough", Pence told CNN's "State of the Union". He described Trump as a "CEO at work". "He is hearing from all sides". There has been debate within his campaign about immigrants who haven't committed crimes beyond their immigration offenses.

Governor Mike Pence, his running mate, would not affirm that their administration would expel the 11 million.

"We want to come up with a really fair, but firm answer". "This is a campaign, it's not a write-up of a tax bill in the Ways and Means Committee".

In the wake of controversial reports surrounding Donald Trump's campaign chief Steve Bannon, Trump's surrogates and supporters are finding themselves on defense over both the candidate's policy positions and his staffing choices. The Democratic presidential candidate said her Republican opponent may try and convey "gravity" or he could seek to "score points".

"He's opened himself up to a damned-if-he-does, damned-if-he-doesn't situation", the source said.

"This year, the GOP is offering the voters a chance to break up the corrupt establishment and to create a new American future", Trump said in his prepared speech - a marked shift in delivery from the famously off-the-cuff candidate.

"We will have a mechanism for dealing with people in this country that-you heard the word 'humanely.' It will be fair and tough, but there will be no path to legalization and citizenship unless people leave the country", said Pence, the governor of in, adding that some specifics will be provided soon at a later time.

  • Sonia Alvarado