'Liberty is not Trump U.': Students protest Donald Trump

The Trump campaign quickly denied the allegations, calling it a "coordinated character assassination".

"You're saying if... if he murdered somebody, would I forgive him?"

Trump surrogate Jerry Falwell Jr. appeared with Erin Burnett on CNN tonight.

Donald Trump might be facing a heap of sexual abuse and harassment accusations, but some of his loyal followers do not seem to care at all. He added that he had nothing about any doubts from Falwell: "I have heard nothing about a potential change in endorsement". They also called Trump "one of the worst presidential candidates in American history" in the statement, which came out hours after Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, spoke at the school. But he stated, "We're all sinners, every one of us".

"He has taken all the right positions on all the issues", Falwell Jr. said.

Falwell confirmed he would vote for Trump "because I believe he's the best qualified to be president of the United States". "It's the heat of an election, it's four weeks away from Election Day, and ... everybody's in a frenzy".

In a New York Times story published Wednesday, Jessica Leeds claims Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt while the two were on an airplane more than three decades ago.

While so many Evangelicals are twisting themselves into contortions to justify their continued support for Donald Trump, these students are doing the opposite, complaining that "Donald Trump does not represent our values and we want nothing to do with him".

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The statement asserts that a majority of Liberty students, faculty, and staff agree.

It goes on to point out that Trump only received "90 votes from Liberty students in Virginia's primary election, a colossal rejection of his campaign". Nevertheless, President Falwell eagerly uses his national platform to advocate for Donald Trump.

But amid all the press coverage the backlash against Falwell is getting, the university's student body president wants to make one thing clear: Most Liberty students actually agree with Falwell's Trump endorsement. Falwell Jr. has said before that Trump reminds him of his father, and in reality the similarity is getting stronger as a super-Bannonized Trump ramps up hisattacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton and says that if he were in charge she would be in jail. "He has made his name by maligning others and bragging about his sins. And he spoke at Liberty University today and he had 10,000 Evangelical Christian young people cheering for him, gave him five standing ovations, and that is the Donald Trump I know".

Because our president has led the world to believe that Liberty University supports Donald Trump, we students must take it upon ourselves to make clear that Donald Trump is absolutely opposed to what we believe, and does not have our support. "We don't want to champion Donald Trump; we want only to be champions for Christ".

They want the world to know that despite what their president says in his defense, Trump does not have their support. "We don't want to champion Donald Trump; we want only to be champions for Christ", the statement ended.

While most students interviewed at the event were still prepared to vote for Trump - citing reasons ranging from his stated opposition to abortion to his presumed support of conservative nominees for the Supreme Court - by Wednesday night the turmoil within the larger world of evangelical Christianity was reverberating here in Lynchburg, Va.

This, for some Liberty University students, was the last straw.

  • Lawrence Cooper