Putin rejects claims of Russian interference in US election

The Democratic nominee claims that the alleged Russian hacking is created to boost her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

"You create the image of your enemy, that is Russian Federation, and then you claim that your political opponent, Mr. Trump, is a puppet of that enemy", Putin continued.

Vice President Biden told NBC's Meet the Press this month that the United States would be "sending a message" that Putin would recognize.

"It's a lot easier to distract people's attention towards Russia's so-called hackers, spies, agents of influence and so on", Putin said Thursday.

"The president would not have authorized a release of the assessment to the intelligence community if we didn't feel that it was serious and also if we didn't feel that it was certain", Kerry said. "Do you know what bothers me?" Putin said in his Thursday speech. "He simply represents the interests of simple people who criticize those who have been in power for decades". "He is representing the common people, and he is acting like a common guy himself". This is nonsense. This is just a way of political struggle, a way to manipulate public opinion on the eve of the election.

The leak follows allegations by USA officials that Russian Federation has been behind high profile hacks in America, specifically the hack of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

Bernie Sanders' Live Tweets During The Debate Prove What Side He's On
Hillary Clinton adopted many of Bernie's policies, although watered down and served with a heaping side of "not Bernie Sanders". But he added that he hopes his supporters "understand Donald Trump would be a real, real disaster for this country".

"We seek to free our land from terrorists so we highly appreciate Russian Federation and Iran's efforts aimed at achieving this goal".

In nearly every other respect, though, he came across as more emollient than in some other years, stressing a desire to show restraint and avoid inflammatory language, even as he regretted the lack of dialogue between Russian Federation and the West and lamented the fact that, as he saw it, relations had not improved.

He voiced regret about a quick collapse last month of a cease-fire in Syria brokered by Russian Federation and the US and blamed unidentified forces in Washington for wrecking it.

Relations between Russian Federation and the U.S. have recently been strained over their different approaches to resolving the crisis in Syria.

Elaborating on his view of the global political situation, Putin pointed to the rise of populist sentiment and movements, attributing them to the realization that most people, even in the most advanced democracies, have no real influence on power. I'm kidding about the banana republic reference, but after this election, both parties owe their voters an explanation as to how they produced the worst of their party for the top office in the land - and their voters should reflect for a long time on the choices made.

  • Sonia Alvarado