Toronto grocery stores start selling wine today

In total, 70 stores across the province have been permitted to stock their shelves with both domestic and imported vino.

These stores are in addition to the 57 across the province already selling beer and cider.

Remember when beer arrived at grocery stores past year and everyone went nuts?

The government's move to allow wine to be sold in grocery stores comes almost a year after six-packs of beer were made available in supermarkets, breaking the Beer Store's and LCBO's lock on the sale of suds.

Denise Davis will be available for comment at 9:45 a.m., just before Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa makes his announcement at Coppa's Fresh Market, 4750 Dufferin Street North.

Ontario maintains a strong commitment to social responsibility. "So grocery stores are required to reserve shelf space for wine produced by small wineries, which creates a win-win-win scenario", he added.

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67 stores across Ontario have been given the green light to sell wine, including 47 large grocers and 20 independent shops.

In the end, the Liberal government says cider, as well as beer, will now be accessible in up to 450 supermarkets, and 300 of those will likewise be offering wine.

In Ottawa there are five grocery stores across the city that will carry wine.

Among the retailers to receive licences for the sale of wine and beer at some of their stores under the latest phase of the transition are Loblaw, Metro, Sobeys and Walmart as well as other regional and local retailers.

Grocers will also be restricted to selling wines with a retail price of $10.95 (per 750 mL bottle) or higher.

  • Douglas Reid