Watch your mailbox for General Election ballots

We admit to having a stake in held ballots - as a primary source of local election news, the Daily Sun will likely sell more newspapers the longer that voters are engaged with the campaigns. "If you go online, the process is quick, easy and convenient".

Unlike some other states, Oklahoma doesn't just rely on ballots cast electronically.

On the ballot this year, there are over 180 decisions to make when voting. You can now spend Election Day doing pretty much anything else-like drinking (responsibly, of course!), hiding under the covers, celebrating, or planning your move to Canada.

The deadline to register is next Monday, and can be done online at Forms can also be obtained at many government offices, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, post offices, public libraries and county registrar of voters offices.

The Black Hawk County Election Office is reminding voters who have requested absentee ballots by mail to vote and return their ballots.

King County sent its almost 1.3 million ballots Wednesday, an elections official said. For one thing, Washington has gone to a total vote-by-mail system.

Of course, in this year, party affiliation might be a poorer guide to how someone voted than in previous elections.

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If you plan on mailing in your election ballot, be prepared to pay a little extra.

The ballots can be mailed back, but don't wait if you plan to mail them.

At a candidate forum earlier this month, Rep. Ken Buck, a former Weld County district attorney, recalled investigating cases of potential voter fraud that turned out to be a parent filling out a ballot on behalf of an adult child who was out of state. Ammons estimated that 50 to 60 percent of the vote would be reported, with the final results to be reported once all the ballots are received, checked and collated. People who have already cast votes with the faulty ballots should complete their new ballots and send them in, registrar officials said.

Voting equipment in polling centers, while used less than mail-in ballots, have tamper-evident security tape and no one obtains "unfettered access" to any of the information.

Officials hope it gives voters peace of mind knowing the system is working now that they can follow their ballot form the moment it's printed to when it's tallied. "Once you've voted that way, that's it".

Two judges, a Democrat and a Republican sit side by side at each station to verify signatures and run ballots through machines.

  • Ismael Montgomery