Google Improves the Play Store

It's unclear how effective Google's detection methods will be, though given the sometimes disparate state of the Play Store, it will nearly certainly play a role in bringing more order to the company's sometimes confusing app marketplace.

Before you can begin to use Google Phone as your primary calling app, you will have to set it as the default dialer.

Fake reviews and incentivised ratings are also being tackled to ensure the score you see is a fair reflection of the app's reception among users.

Google is Now Officially Rolling out improved filtering system to help Play Store users to install secured apps.

"What if everyone within a quarter mile of every reported crime were immediately made aware of it", Sp0n, the company that developed the app, asked.

When was the last time you updated Google Play Services?

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Starting this week, Google says that the Play Store will be equipped with a better way of detecting these frauds as well as filtering the many app reviews to determine the fake ones. Googel's post reminds app developers and publishers that utilizing these methods in order to boost an app's ranking is a violation of Google's Developer Policy. Developers who are found to be repeatedly violating the Play Stores policies on rankings are subject to having their entire portfolio of apps removed.

The Google Play store will now have authentic news regarding what applications are really at the top, which is not only good for the users but even the developer community.

Google's move to crack down on incentivized ratings and reviews follows similar action from Amazon. Tech Crunch notes that the iPhone maker too, has often faced this type of issue on its iTunes App Store. The company reminds Android app developers to use legitimate practices.

What do you think about this new set of tools for the Play Store?

It seems that Google is now finally ready to make sure that such apps do not show up when users search for an application to fulfill their genuine need.

  • Delia Davidson