Porsche's Exclusive Deal with EA to Finally End in 2017

This means that players in EA will now have a chance to use other brands of cars, while Porsche may now be featured in any other video games. That won't be the case in the future though, as the 17 -year-long exclusivity deal EA had with the German automaker has now ended, opening up all sorts of opportunities for digital versions of the cars.

Polygon has reached out to Electronic Arts for comment on Hornung's remarks. With the exclusivity deal coming to an end soon it's possible that Porsche might not extend the deal.

Games like Forza do sometimes have Porsche-branded cars, but they're nearly always reserved for paid add-ons, and not part of the main game's roster.

You might not have thought about this much but can you name racing games in which Porsche cars are available?

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Over the past 16 years, racing gamers had come to expect Ruf cars standing in for Porsche in non-EA game.

With Porsche being back on the market and prowling for a proper suitor, it will be interesting to see if Sony or Microsoft will attempt another exclusivity deal similar to Electronic Arts, or if they'll try to stay competitive by only licensing the auto brand when necessary and keeping it open for others to use as well.

The deal was a special one: in exchange for giving access to that data and permission to feature its cars, Porsche would then be able to use Assetto Corsa to promote its modern road cars in its showrooms.

Porsche has made minor appearances in other franchises over the recent years, like the Porsche expansion for Forza Horizon 2, although that was paid DLC. Could they also make it to Gran Turismo Sport? Apparently, it's mentioned in the article that this circumstance with RUF vehicles being featured in all the major games softly rustled the jimmies of the Porsche brand managers, and so that could have played into their decision to eventually vacate the exclusivity license.

  • Lawrence Cooper