Airbnb CEO: Free Housing for Refugees

In the light of US President's latest move to ban the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the USA, the Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky launched a web page to help connect those affected by the ban with accommodation.

The American president's executive order, signed on Friday, bans refugees and visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Following Trump's orders, people convened at major worldwide airports to decry the ban.

According to a Washington Post report, Brian Chesky, the co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Airbnb, tweeted late Saturday, "Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the US". In a string of tweets, Chesky denounced the President's "Muslim Ban" and decided that Airbnb would provide free housing to refugees and all others that were being shunned by the ban (h/t Brick Underground). Airbnb did not say how the accommodations would be provided, but Chesky urged travelers who need emergency housing to contact him. In fact, the company has matched the $1 million worth of donation to the UN Refugee Agency.

Although technology companies immediately came to aid those who were affected, most especially whose employees who were part of the ban, Airbnb seems to be the very first to provide its services directly to the public inflicted by this sudden restrictions.

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Donald Trump discussed the immigration ban on Facebook.

Trump's immigration ban has apparently sent shockwaves through major United States tech companies. "We ask that you continue to be there for each other - and together, continue proving the power of community".

"We have reached out to the White House to explain the negative effect on our coworkers and our company", said chief executive officer Tim Cook in a statement.

Furthermore, Uber said they were working on identifying the drivers that were unable to work in the United States of America anymore due to being locked out of the country.

Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings said the executive ban of Trump is hurting it employees around the world and also it is so un-American. Worse, these actions will make America less safe (through hatred and loss of allies) rather than more safe'.

  • Delia Davidson