Donald Trump arrives in Philadelphia

Republican lawmakers also are hoping that controversies such alleged voter fraud, raised by Mr. Trump this week, won't obscure the president's message.

"We anticipate a supplemental (budget) coming from the administration", Ryan said at a news conference. Seated, from left are, Sen. The world has taken advantage of us for many years. The President said he's going to get reimbursed one way or the other and we accept that. "So important", he said.

President Donald Trump's executive orders for stricter border controls and enforcement of immigration laws triggered a defiant response.

"All of us are taking a look at what is it that we can do so that what we send to the White House makes sense to the majority of us".

GOP lawmakers from both the House and Senate gathered in Philadelphia for a three-day policy retreat Wednesday to tackle key issues.

The Republican leaders are in Philadelphia for strategy meetings.

President Trump's first full week in the White House includes a trip to Philadelphia.

And he drew laughs when he accused Senate Democrats of delaying votes on his Commerce Secretary designee Wilbur Ross, which he said will impact his Friday talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Mr. Trump said at the beginning of his remarks.

Mitch McConnell, flanked by his new bosses Mike Pence and Donald Trump.

"And I don't like that [Trump] refuses to relinquish financial records, which could show how beholden he was to foreign leaders", she told me, adding that "this was required by the Constitution".

George Soros Calls Donald Trump Would Be Dictator
So George Soros thinks that this will lead to a reversal of the Brexit saying, "The divorce is going to take a very long time".

Asa Khalif, head of Black Lives Matter Pennsylvania, said the organization will be there Thursday.

Both leaders have taken steps to reform their worldwide relations, particularly through trade. And he is considering plans to negotiate individual trade deals with the countries that have signed onto the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

May's plan for the European Union exit includes placing a priority on controlling immigration, although she has not yet announced the proposed policy in detail.

Another top priority in the first 200 days is to start construction of a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, a centerpiece of Trump's 2016 campaign platform.

"I'm not ready to make any announcements on funding or action on any of those institutions", he said.

Mr. Binion said whatever else comes out of the meetings, the president and Congress need to agree on a course of action for repealing Obamacare.

"They're going to be gone fast", Trump said.

It wasn't immediately known who incorporated the socks in the gift bags.

During his final week in office, Obama commuted Manning's sentence down to just seven years, and she will be released in May.

"This is going to be an unconventional presidency", Ryan said.

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