Greenpeace protesters shut down DC streets

Greenpeace protesters scaled a 270-foot crane just blocks from the White House Wednesday and unfurled a massive banner bearing the word "Resist".

- (@ClotureClub) January 25, 2017- Katie Bo Williams (@KatieBoWill) January 25, 2017Protestors from @greenpeaceusa unfurl 70 x 35 foot banner from construction crane over DC against Pres Trump's agenda.

At approximately 8 A.M. EST on Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police Department was informed that demonstrators were scaling a crane that was less than a mile away from the White House.

Since Trump's inauguration Friday, mass demonstrations and protests have erupted across the country.

Photo taken from Greenpeace USA Facebook page.

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The DC Police department issued a statement in which it deemed the group's actions "extremely risky and unlawful". "Greenpeace has used nonviolence to resist tyrannical bullies since 1971, and we're not going to stop now".

Pili Hernandez said in the video that the Administration has erased climate change as an issue, adding that "the default position of this administration is to bury their heads in the sand and act in denial during the largest crisis that humanity has ever faced, then our default position must be fearless resistance".

"It was a little chilly this morning when we arrived at the crane site, but it was a lot chillier in the oval office when President Trump made a decision to sign those executive orders reinstating the Keystone Pipeline, reinstating the North Dakota pipeline, taking women's right to choose away from them", Topakian said in a Facebook vid.

Police said the activists "illegally obtained access to a construction site by breaking the locks".

  • Douglas Reid