Russian lawmakers give mixed reaction to Donald Trump's nuclear cuts offer

The memos he wrote made their way to United States intelligence officials sometime past year. Does anybody think that our intelligence service is chasing every American billionaire?

In back-to-back interviews with the German newspaper Bild and The Times of London, Trump reiterated that he would make "good deals" with Russian Federation, including lifting the Obama administration's sanctions-put into place after Russian Federation invaded Ukraine in 2014, and again after the Kremlin was determined to have interfered in the 2016 USA election-in exchange for a new arms control treaty.

"So I have no grounds to attack him or criticize him for anything, or protect him or whatever".

"The fact that such methods are used against the U.S. president-elect is, of course, a unique case as this has never been [done] before".

Trump has not hidden his praise for Putin and insisted stronger Moscow-Washington ties can only benefit the United States.

Patrushev said he believed the Obama administration had deliberately tried to discredit Russian Federation because it was unwilling to accept that Washington's position of global leadership was slipping.

Well, I think you know - people have to get together and people have to do what they have to do in terms of being fair. OK?

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Like any good friend, Vladimir Putin has Donald Trump's back in a slippery situation.

But to back the Obama administration's claims, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security Department released a report last week showing technical evidence that the Russian government was in fact behind the attacks, as part of a project called "Grizzly Steppe".

Lavrov noted he didn't see Trump's words as an offer to cut arms in exchange for canceling the sanctions, rather as an expression of readiness to look at reviewing the sanctions while engaging in negotiations on arms control, among other issues. There are few issues of friction between Russian Federation and the West in which Trump has not already indicated he plans to take Putin's side.

The US and Russian Federation have by far the largest nuclear weapons arsenals in the world.

"The time of foreign policy demagogues is over, and, feeling hurt, they fabricate all kinds of fakes", he said. "And then they started saying Trump is right".

The Kremlin previously denied gathering compromising information on Mr Trump after the allegations were released in a dossier compiled by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele.

Asked if the Kremlin agreed with Trump's view that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is obsolete, something the USA president-elect repeated in the same interview, Peskov pointed out that the Kremlin had always been making the same point.

  • Douglas Reid