Aaron Carter attacked at performance

A fight erupted, a bloody Aaron went to the hospital, and cops are investigating.

The 29-year-old entertainer was allegedly attacked by one of the band members of his opening act, ILL State, according to TMZ. In a situation reminiscent of a mosh pit, a man in front of the crowd shoved Carter, who fell backward.

Given the Hispanic background of Ill State, many considered Carter's move to be delivered in a racist tone.

Carter responded to the incident on Twitter Saturday morning, assuring fans that he is not a racist. "As he was conversing with friends Carter chose to comment on the lack of attention to him", read the description of the video.

As the individual was being escorted out, Carter reportedly yelled, "Bye, Felipe, ' his own version of the slang term, 'Bye, Felicia".

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After the man left the bar - Carter reportedly shouted, "Bye, Felipe!" as he made his way out - he came back in and allegedly attacked Carter, the outlet reports, damaging his computer and a speaker in the process.

ET has reached out to Carter's rep for comment.

Despite the strangeness of this whole thing, there is no doubt Carter is making a name for himself in 2017 both with his music and his eccentricities. He also clarified that he did not get beaten up, but he got hit and pushed because he wasn't looking.

"[I have a] 100% Mexican manager and she is basically my adopted mom". And my ex girlfriend Myra [is a] 3rd generation Mexican.

It's also common knowledge that the best way to convince people that you're not racist is to remind everyone you have a vague grasp of another language, so he continued: "I also learned Spanish so I could speak with her parents who weren't fluent in English". "EVERYONE tried regardless the topic or subject".

  • Michelle Webb