Alien: Covenant - Last Supper Prologue Clip Released

20th Century Fox has released the official Alien: Covenant prologue following its debut during last night's mind-blowing episode of Noah Hawley's Legion on FX. With a May 19 release date, we're just three months from seeing this one on the big screen and learning how exactly it will connect Prometheus with the greater Alien mythos.

The film is another installment of the chest-bursting Alien series. Spooky? Well, that's one word for what's to come.

The video opens with Michael Fassbender's Walter giving Daniels (Katherine Waterson) medical instructions ahead of the crew heading into cryogenic stasis. While the crew, all couples, enjoy some food and fun prior to their long sleep, one of the women appears to be choking. "It's the first-ever large-scale colonization mission to come this far into our galaxy". If only she'd thought to add, "Nah, on the other hand, I totally want us all to have really great vacations together where the most unsafe thing is the possibility of getting bad sunburns".

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The prologue ends with Waterston's character offering a toast: "I couldn't pick a better bunch of jerks to get marooned on a distant planet with. So, to the Covenant!".

Alien: Covenant is the sequel to Prometheus, making it another (arguably unnecessary) prequel to the original Alien. No pressure or anything, Ridley Scott.

The footage is taken with the crew of the Covenant, a group that's about to go on a space search to find a paradise - an exoplanet that might fit as second Earth. But it's not actually a scene from the movie - it's a short film called Prologue: Last Supper and it's directed by Luke Scott, the son of director Ridley Scott. Meet the crew, above.

  • Michelle Webb