Lifetime ISA among plans to fix 'broken' housing market

There were some general indicators of where the government is going on housing, however. The detail on "affordable rents" in the housing white paper still feels like it's somewhat missing the point.

Labour accused the government of "seven years of failure" on housing. We know that just a 1km ring of greenbelt from inside the M25 would yield enough land for a generation of building at current rates'.

An expanded and more flexible affordable homes programme, for housing associations and local authorities, with £7.1bn of already announced funding. Sajid Javid, the community secretary, has confirmed that new legislation will place pressure on local authorities and housebuilders to increase the pace of development.

The Government has vowed to build more affordable houses in order to stimulate both the buy and rental markets in a White Paper.

Through the £3bn home building fund, the housing market will be diversified and opened up to smaller builders and those who embrace innovative and efficient methods.

Mr Barwell also insisted the government was committed to building one million new homes in England by 2020, despite being "behind schedule".

The government's plans on strengthening the national planning policy by creating a "de facto" presumption in favour of housing on suitable brownfield land and to drive up density levels in high-demand areas.

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The Government will put measures to tackle the high cost of renting, including amending planning rules so councils can proactively plan for more long-term Build to Rent homes, as well as allowing developers to offer more affordable rent alongside other forms of affordable housing. Developers will also be forced to begin developing within two years of planning permission being granted (at the moment it's three).

The Secretary of State said this white paper was for "real people", the "young person with their nose pressed against an estate agent's window" looking at properties they can't afford, the first time buyer who will have to save for almost a quarter of a century just to get a deposit together, and the 'couple giving half of their combined income to a landlord'.

Javid said "The government recognises the housing market is broken". Increased diversity in the organisations that are delivering new housing is crucial to improving the choice and quality of housing being built, as well as boosting the industry's ability to deliver on Government targets. It estimates that now around 60% of new homes are built by just 10 companies.

If there isn't an up-to-date local plan, the government would use "published household projections for the years leading up to, and including, April 2017-March 2018 and from the financial year April 2018-March 2019, subject to consultation, the new standard methodology for assessing housing need".

Family friendly tenancies of three or more years in purpose-built renting schemes will be encouraged to all customers, providing more security and a real sense of home for tenants.

He also stated that the government has not given up on making home ownership a reality for all.

At the heart of new housing and planning policies will be trying to ensure that the right kind of homes are built in the right places and more quickly.

  • Sonia Alvarado