London protest against Donald Trump travel ban

After nearly 24 hours since Judge James Robart put a nationwide block on President Donald Trump's executive order to temporarily ban travel, the Justice Department has appealed it.

The legal challenge against President Trump's executive order was brought by the states of Washington and Minnesota, and heard by Judge Robart in Seattle.

Robart's ruling is among the most comprehensive legal admonishments of Trump's January 27 executive order prohibiting immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Syria and four other nations from entering the USA for 90 days.

The order technically means that anyone with a valid visa must be allowed entry into the country by Customs and Border Protection.

Justice Department lawyers on Saturday filed a notice they will be appealing a federal judge's order that halted enforcement of multiple parts of President Trump's refugee and travel ban executive order.

Press secretary Sean Spicer called Mr Trump's executive action "lawful and appropriate" and said the Department of Justice would request an emergency stay of the federal court order "at the earliest possible time".

In addition, a State Department official told CNN that the cancellation of visas that were "provisionally revoked" after the order has been reversed, as long as they weren't marked as cancelled.

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"What the judge announced today is nationwide-the president's executive order does not apply", Bob Ferguson, the attorney general from Washington state, said.

"What we're seeing here is the courts standing up to the unconstitutional ban that President Trump imposed". "We are going to win the arguments because we will take the steps necessary to protect the country, which the president of the United States has the authority to do".

The appeal now goes to a three-judge panel which can act at anytime to uphold the order or suspend it pending a full appeal.

"Washington has a profound interest in protecting its residents from the harms caused by the irrational discrimination embodied in the order", Ferguson said in a brief.

The White House argues that the ban is aimed at making the country safer.

The DOJ pledged to appeal Robart's ruling on Saturday and hours later stated that the Washington court erred in predicting its success against the defendants, the President of the United States.

  • Sidney Guerrero