Spain's Princess Cristina absolved in tax fraud trial - court

However, Princess Cristina was ordered to pay a fine of $282,000 because she had benefited from her husband's wrongdoing.

Cristina's husband, Inaki Urdangarin, was sentenced to over six years in prison on charges including fraud and tax evasion.

In addition, Urdangarin was fined €512,000.

Friday's sentences are not final and may be appealed. He is still free so far.

Urdangarin was accused with his former business partner, Diego Torres, of embezzling about six million euros ($6.4 million) in public funds.

Spain's Princess Cristina not guilty in tax fraud case
Spanish princess found not guilty, husband sentenced to six years for embezzlement

There were 16 other defendants in what became known as the Nóos case that began in 2010, including former government minister Jaume Matas, sentenced to almost four years, and Diego Torres, Urdangarin's former business partner, sentenced to over eight years. As the scandal unfolded, Former King Juan Carlos' decision to abdicate the throne in 2014 was seen as an effort to allow his son Felipe to restore the monarchy's credibility. She and Urdangarin are no longer invited to any official events by the Royal House.

There were no immediate comment from Felipe and Queen Letizia, who received news of the ruling during a visit to a museum in Madrid with the Hungarian president. The decree to revoke her right to use the title was signed by the King and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Princess Cristina could have faced eight years in prison if she had been convicted of fraud over her 49-year-old husband's work with the non-profit Noos Institute sports foundation. Torres' wife and Cristina, for whom an anticorruption group was asking for 8 years of jail each, were absolved by the court.

The princess was on the board of Nóos, and she and her husband owned a real estate company, Aizoon, that prosecutors claimed was used to channel illegal revenue from Nóos to undeclared bank accounts. "She believes his conviction is unjust, because she has always believed - and still believes - that he is innocent", Roca told reporters in Barcelona. The couple and their four children have lived in Switzerland since 2013.

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