The intentional walk becomes a thing of the past

He had also proposed changing the strike zone, limiting trips to the mound and installing pitch clocks, but the union vetoed those ideas, per a separate report from the AP and ESPN.

On Tuesday, an announcement was made that the rule for intentional walks has officially changed.

Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin, pictured rounding the bases, believes it is a mistake to eliminate the intentional walk.

Manager Joe Girardi had his own idea on how Major League Baseball could speed up games, and he admits he was inspired by the NFL.

-Major League Baseball is considering a series of rule changes beginning in 2018 created to accelerate game play, commissioner Rob Manfred announced at a press conference on Tuesday.

The change would reportedly replace the standard four way outside pitches with a single that comes in from the dugout. A huge part of baseball's enduring charm is its wonderful weirdness, and the four-pitch intentional walk - a sanctioned workaround of sorts - is a part of that tradition.

Kevin Durant booed at All-Star introductions in New Orleans
A 10-second video of the innocuous backstage scene, tweeted out by ESPN's Chris Haynes, soon went viral. On Saturday, the two players were still avoiding each other in this wonderfully awkward moment.

It's not yet clear if the new rule on walks will take effect in time for the first spring training games later this week.

"There's a variety of changes that can be undertaken", Manfred said.

However, The Wall Street Journal said last week that the change would save an average of 14 seconds per game. It'll let us check in on different teams throughout the league that we might not always get to watch, and hopefully even give us another way to experience our own Mets games.

The only problem is teams aren't walking batters as often as they used to.

In many of those instances, the intentional walk was the most exciting and memorable thing that happened in that particular game. Now, Reuters reports that Facebook is also in negotiations with Major League Baseball regarding potential streaming rights, something that could make its way to the upcoming Apple TV app.

  • Lawrence Cooper