Tony Blair: Brexit makes independence case 'more credible'

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Whether it be the current Prime Minister Theresa May, who campaigned for Remain but is now leading the charge for the hardest of "hard Brexits", or Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who sometimes struggle to contain their glee at the prospect of leaving the European Union, it is Britain's current crop of leading politicians who have left the battlefield clear for the Brexiteers.

In a speech for Open Britain, which is campaigning against leaving the EU's single market of 500 million, he argued last year's vote to leave was "based on imperfect knowledge", and that Britons voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit.

"It's a compromise that's been talked about elsewhere in Europe - there's a European Parliament report welcoming this compromise to keep us in the single market, because let's not forget the devastating impact on our economy will come from the Tories' hard Brexit". "My view is that is asking for a two-year campaign to undermine the vote, when I think we need to respect the vote and work hard to get the best deal".

He said: "It (Brexit) certainly makes the grievance towards independence more credible now but I don't see the arguments of 2014 being any more credible now than they were then. The ideologues are the ones who are driving the bus".

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The former Labour leader is aiming to reverse the public's opinion on Brexit and will warn it could lead to the break-up of Britain. No one is going to write us off, nor should they.

The referendum result stunned many observers, led to a decline in the value of the British pound and left the country's economic future uncertain and without relied-upon protocols for buying and selling goods, travel and immigration between Britain and the rest of Europe.

His intervention was quickly condemned by leading leave supporters, including former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage and Iain Duncan Smith, the Conservative MP.

He will apparently insist that despite the 52-48% vote margin to leave the bloc, people are allowed to change their minds. Ethnic minorities who backed Brexit in Newham and Birmingham did so because they hoped for fairer and more humane visa conditions with the nations of the Commonwealth.

The ex-PM, blamed by many critics for failing to anticipate the surge of migrants from countries like Poland, agreed that immigration was the issue behind last June's referendum result. It can. They will say leaving is inevitable. Canadian envoy Janice Charette said her country and the United Kingdom should be able to seal a speedy trade deal after Brexit.

  • Sonia Alvarado