Yes, The Trump Administration Has Taken A Position On Israeli Settlements

However, doubts were lifted when the premier told reporters accompanying him to London on Monday that the vote would go ahead after he had "updated" President Donald Trump's administration, a spokesman for Netanyahu told the AFP news agency.

There are some 400,000 Jews in the West Bank and another 200,000 in East Jerusalem living in settlements that most of the world considers illegal.

Schondorf's point was that the Settlements Bill would violate those obligations and undermine the basis for many of Israel's security actions.

That admonishment marked the first public disagreement between Trump and Netanyahu, who plans to visit the White House Feb. 15.

"If the current trend continues, with its increasingly coercive environment against the Palestinian population, then the two-state solution will become nothing more than a political slogan rather than reality". The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

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Last week, the few hundred residents of the Amona outpost in the West Bank were evicted after the Supreme Court ruled their homes were built on private Palestinian land. Since the Clinton administration, this has also included backing for the establishment of a Palestinian state. "We don't believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace", Spicer stated definitively.

If adopted into law, it will have far reaching legal consequences for Israel and greatly diminish the prospects for Arab-Israeli peace.

Israel's attorney-general has said it is unconstitutional and that he will not defend it at the Supreme Court. "The train leaves from here will only stop at The Hague", Herzog said in reference to the International Criminal Court.

The so-called "Regulation bill" offers financial support for the land confiscated from the Palestinians. Former Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Ereket said it exposed Israel's "true face" of "apartheid and colonialism".

"President Donald Trump hasn't been as strong on condementaion of settlements as previous USA administrations", our correspondent said. However, by staking out the claim that Israeli settlements are not an obstacle to peace and that continued settlement expansion only "may not be helpful" to advance Israeli-Palestinian talks, the Trump administration has made its official position on Israel's colonization of Palestinian land quite clear: future Israeli announcements of settlement expansion will not only be tolerated but endorsed by the Trump administration as long as they are coordinated with the White House, and USA support for Israel's vision of a unitary state with apartheid rule over Palestinians will be assured.

  • Delia Davidson