YouTube Go APK Available For Offline Download App

It was announced that the app would be made available later, and now YouTube Go Beta (the testing version) is available at the Google Play Store.

YouTube Go is designed for video viewers who want to minimize the amount of data they use to stream videos on their mobile devices. Once inside, it offers users with a variety of data-light options while browsing, streaming, and also saving for offline viewing. The app does not use data to share videos, instead it uses Bluetooth to send downloaded videos.

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The app isn't available for download on Google Play for Zimbabwe yet, but there is an option to install it via an apk which you can get by following the link below.

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Not in India? Never mind because you can still download the app from APK Mirror; though, now still available in India to the best of my knowledge. You can share the videos you have downloaded on your Android smartphone with your friends who also have the YouTube Go app.

Just like your regular YouTube app, YouTube Go also allows you to discover new videos, or watch videos from your subscriptions. If you want to locally save 720p or Full HD videos, you'll have to fall back to the full-fledged YouTube client. Additionally, if an app handles personal or sensitive user data, for example in the case of fitness apps, then there are additional requirements listed in the policy. It has been developed keeping in mind that internet connection in developing countries like India, Brazil and Indonesia is patchy and not reliable everywhere. Nothing is official and certain at this point, so it seems that the two different products will continue on as they are now and be independent of each other. No internet is used here and the videos can be easily shared across multiple devices without the other party needing to download it.

Youtube Go v 0.26.67 comes with an install size of 6.77 MB, and app size of 8.5 MB and runs on Android Jellybean 4.1 and above.

  • Delia Davidson