Alabama stats: More jobs, but more job seekers

Unemployment in Vermont's 17 labor markets ranged from a low of 2.6 percent in the Burlington-South Burlington area, White River Junction, and Woodstock, to a high of 7 percent in Derby.

Compared to January 2016, Arkansas' nonfarm payroll job totals are up 11,800.

The employment to population ratio estimate of 61.3 percent remained above the US average of 59.9 percent.

Labor Commissioner Fitzgerald Washington says nearly 10,000 people entered the labor force last month but only 6,500 of them found work.

In January, Rochester's unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.2 percent, but the region lost 2,600 non-farm jobs, or 0.5 percent, while the private sector lost 1,100 jobs, or 0.2 percent. The rate was 3.9 percent in December and 4.2 percent in January 2016. There were 3,300 people receiving benefits in January 2017 and 3,400 the same month past year.

But as Arkansas saw unemployment decline, the US jobless rate increased one-tenth of a percentage point, rising from 4.7 percent in December to 4.8 percent in January. "These are positive indicators for our economy".

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Employment in other service, including repair-maintenance services and membership organizations, rose by 1,900.

"We continue to surpass our employment numbers each month, and once again, I can say that we now have more people working in Alabama than there have been in more than eight years", Washington said.

Here in Maui County, the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in January was 3.3%.

But there were also about 2,300 fewer employed Arkansans from the previous January, which meant a drop in the civilian labor force of about 8,300 Arkansans. "Average weekly earnings for our workers are up both over the month and the year".

Employment information for February is scheduled for release March 24.

  • Darren Santiago