Cook County to Participate in Earth Hour

While the hour-long event is organized to unite people against climate change the goal is to create a lasting impact and spur action. He said the Parliament of Pakistan is glad to be a part of the Earth Hour movement which will see its tenth year this year.

While many homes and businesses in the city will simply flick the light switch and go dark for Earth Hour, others are taking different steps to promote energy efficiency on Saturday. However, its symbolic meaning is aimed to be much greater, especially in a time where catastrophes derived from climate change are more and more evident, even if the existence of climate change is being denied by some politicians.

According to Lomborg, the prime message of Earth Hour is that tackling global warming is easy.

It is the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment, ensuring that people who are on the frontlines of climate change, are also empowered to be the planet's first line of defense, said WWF in a release. Right from the India Gate to the Eiffel Tower, several landmarks had turned out the lights showing support for the cause.

In Tokyo, lights were sent to turn off at Tokyo Tower. He also called upon all commercial, social, governmental establishments, educational institutions and the people across Jammu and Kashmir to observe Earth Hour. In 2017, it took place at 8:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, Mar. 25.

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The Executive Mayor of CoJ, councillor Herman Mashaba, stated that the city is committed to the Earth Hour initiative and encouraged residents to be mindful of their own carbon footprint. Over the last 10 years, it has achieved massive environmental impact.

The "Earth Hour" movement was globally accepted and celebrated, each year over 172 countries and over 7000 cities shut down the electricity of landmark monuments to participate and raise awareness!

"There's never been a more critical moment in the fight", said Terry Macko, senior vice president of marketing and communications at World Wildlife Fund.

Spikes in food prices and extinctions (one-in-six species on the planet are already threatened, though climate change is only one factor driving this mass die off) are likely in the near future.

  • Douglas Reid