'Hugh Jackman' Reveals Who Convinced Him To Retire As Wolverine

In other news, Hugh Jackman has also revealed that he would have kept playing the character of Wolverine if the X-Men movie franchise universe could have crossed over with Avengers. I imagine Wolverine's latest big screen outing is only loosely based on the Old Man Logan comic arc, but at first glance it doesn't seem to jive with the most current X-Men continuity.

Now, as a part of movie promotions, Logan aka Hugh Jackman stepped into India and is interviewed by Rajeev Masand.

Those who are familiar with Wolverine from the comics understand that in many ways, Hugh Jackman is not a ideal fit for the character - in the comics, Logan is short, stocky, and constantly facing enemies twice his own size. "Maybe Shah Rukh Khan could play it". Jackman, wrestling with questions about how much longer he wanted to play Wolverine, asked the comedian for advice. That's not a bad idea, because I tend to do the same before a sequel comes out. "So, I told [Hugh] that same evening, 'I'm done too".

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The final major distinction for this film is it is the first X-Men-related movie to earn an R-rating, marking a full evolution from youthful, superhero fluff to grownup pathos and violence.

How Marvel and Fox can ever top this I don't know. I'll be really interested to see how I feel about it. The 76-years-old Stewart stated that the news of Hugh Jackman's departure from the franchise was the ideal time for him to announce that even he won't be returning for future films. Or in the case of TV, I like to watch the previous season right before the new season drops so I can be totally up to speed and refreshed. Since X-Men released in 2000, he finally made a decision to stop being the mutant.

This is land that will mock you and diminish you if you show up with a script, a team and a kaupapa not worthy of the place.

  • Michelle Webb