Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Break Up: What Went Wrong

The singer and actor went out for a year before taking a break. They were seen together as recently as Sunday night at Vanity Fair's Oscars party, and on Monday Bloom posted a photo of Perry's dog to his Instagram account. It seems like Katy Perry and Orland Bloom is still in good terms over the weekend as they posed for a picture together for Vanity Fair.

Either way, it's unlikely that cheating or jealousy played a role in Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry's breakup.

Could this have caused Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry's shocking and sudden split?!

The pair have been dating for just over a year - and it's been a busy year.

A source told InTouch Weekly: "Not long after Halloween, Orlando confessed to pals that he'd made a decision to end their relationship".

The A-list couple confirmed the sad news in a statement to Us Weekly on Tuesday, which comes after a year of dating. The rep further added that "Katy did not spend much time with Orlando [Bloom, ]" said the source.

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Pop star Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom have broken up.

"Respectful, loving space": Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry at a party in January 2016.

At one point Katy and Orlando apparently discussed getting engaged and thought about marriage and children. "They get along really well". The former husband of Miranda Kerr is said to be not ready to have another kid or even get married again. And by August, Orlando was paddleboarding in the buff with his love Katy in tow.

According to Bloom's friend, things have been "shaky" for a while, but there was no last straw that led to the split.

Hmmm, "loving space." That's a new one.

  • Michelle Webb