Nigel Farage knighthood row turns farcical as Douglas Carswell issues mocking riposte

Farage insisted that these exchanges reveal that Carswell is "consumed with jealousy and a desire to hurt me", he called on the Ukip leader to kick him out.

"As promised, I did speak to the government chief whip".

Mr Carswell told the paper the email "confirms that I made every effort to make sure that Ukip got its fair share of peerages and honours". For services to headline writers?

He said that the Clacton MP tried to "sabotage my leadership", describing the "ever-gullible Suzanne Evans" - who is Ukip's deputy chair and parliamentary spokesperson - as being taken in by "these Tory posh boys".

"It's not just me", he said.

Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Farage said: 'As a party, how can we let a man represent us in the House of Commons who actively and transparently seeks to damage us?

'From what I hear far from winning elections, Carswell's main concern is sabotaging Nigel's knighthood, which is why he must leave the party'.

Mr Banks said: "This Carswell tweet says it all".

"But I do think that if the party was freed of him Paul would be able to lead the party unencumbered".

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The Essex constituency contains the towns of Clacton-on-Sea, Frinton-on-Sea and Walton-on-the-Naze, and was held by Mr Carswell at the last General Election after he took it for UKIP in a by-election following his defection.

The BBC understands party leader Paul Nuttall has asked his chairman Paul Oakden to meet Mr Carswell on Tuesday to "discuss the situation" amid growing questions about his future in the party. Unfortunately we didn't manage to do that in Stoke. "The time for him to go is now", he added.

UKIP has struggled to maintain unity since Mr Farage stepped down as leader a year ago.

A later tweet suggested that Mr Banks was taking his challenge to Mr Carswell seriously and making practical arrangements to prepare an election campaign.

Do you think the party has a future as a significant political force, or are you tempted to vote for other parties in the next general election?

"We will have a high street shop in Clacton, professional agent appointed soon and I will be rolling my sleeves up".

Ukip MEP Bill Etheridge said: "All we are saying is 'Look, Douglas, you don't like what we stand for, you don't like our principles".

The former Ukip leader claims Carswell - a defector from the Conservative party - has been "totally disconnected" from the rest of the party since February 2015.

  • Sonia Alvarado