Nokia 3310 Goes Retro for a Smartphone and Includes Snake

Though it will not break any new ground, the LG G6 is certainly a fantastic option for anyone looking to upgrade. "People feel like Nokia and 3310 are something that they grew up with and the amount of fond memories that go along with that is just extraordinary", he says. The Pilot translation device will release this year for $299. LG's mobile business lost 1.3 billion won past year. So naturally, LG made a decision to keep things simple with the G6. Both the A1 and A1 Plus run Android 7.0 and feature 4GB RAM, 64GB storage (expandable), dual SIM slots, fingerprint scanner and a metal unibody design.

The phone is built on the S30+ operating platform (developed by MediaTek for Nokia) and offers all the basic features you'd expect including voice and text messaging, Internet browsing (via the Opera Mini browsers), music listening, a camera, two SIM slots and of course Snake. It's made by a company called HMD Global that's developing phones in the spirit and name of Nokia.

But the real star of HMD's show was the reborn Nokia 3310, which retains the old T9 keypad and mini-screen in a host of new colors including Warm Red and Yellow in addition to the standard Dark Blue and Grey. Plus, the 3310 comes in four attractive colours.

The new Nokia 3310 may trigger nostalgia in anyone who remembers the old-style Nokia cell phones that were out in the 2000s, but that's really all it's good for. The BlackBerry KEYone, the "last smartphone designed and engineered in-house by BlackBerry" has been priced at $549 (roughly Rs. 38,600) in the US, GBP 499 (roughly Rs. 41,400) in the United Kingdom, and Euro 599 (roughly Rs. 42,100) in Europe.

The BlackBerry KeyOne follows the company's traditional style by bringing a keyboard. The Moto G5 has a smaller 5-inch, Full HD screen.

New Eruptions at Mount Etna Are Beautiful but Not Deadly
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In addition to seeing some of the world's leading mobile device makers unveil their latest phones, tablets and other gadgets, MWC attendees will hear industry leaders talk about new developments, tech trends and future challenges. With a design that takes cues from the signature Lumia line, the 5 and 3 look minimal and premium.

The Nokia 3310 comes with a 2.4-inch screen with a 240 x 320 pixels resolution.

Nokia is responsible for selling and distributing the phones but French admits it is not a "straight forward process" to turn that fondness for a brand and product into sales. The Nokia 3 and 5 are new smartphones while the Nokia 6 is a global edition of the phone announced in China last month. The phones have Leica optics, image stabilisation and tweaks including a bokeh depth of field effect (which blurs the background while keeping the subject crisp). IP ratings only strictly speaking cover clean water immersion, but for most practical purposes the LG G6 should be able to take a dunking and come out OK.

While television sets are moving into the 4K territory, Sony had released the first smartphone with a 4K display a while back.

It won't be the last either, as TCL is expected to add on two more Blackberry phones in 2017. The device also has a 12 mp rear camera and 8 mp selfie camera. And it has a 19MP monster that shoots in HDR.

  • Delia Davidson