Official Trailer for Destiny 2 Coming Soon!

"Destiny 2" was formally announced over on the game's official Twitter page where a huge digit "2" was laid across a burning backdrop alongside the "Destiny" logo.

It waits to be seen what Destiny 2 will hold for players, but many have already agreed that they would rather Bungie take their time to release a finished product.

The streamer Sensnowy has posted on his Twitter profile an image that shows his receipt of purchase in GameStop, where we can see that he had preordered the limited edition of Destiny 2 for PC. Just a few weeks ago, an Italian Destiny 2 poster leaked, and it suggested the game would be out on September 8th 2017.

Destiny 2 will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One this year.

What do we know so far about Destiny 2?

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Rumors around the development of Destiny 2 have been surfacing online over the past week.

How much will Destiny 2 cost? As remembered, the first Destiny game was never released to PC despite the enormous demand for the said platform.

Prior to this, Activision Blizzard confirmed that Destiny 2 would be available in 2017 during its latest earnings call.

But there's certainly no disputing that the Last City is under attack, and many fans are speculating about how and why that is. Bungie and Activision were careful to note at the end that no actual gameplay was shown in the footage-which is not too surprising, given that the first Destiny wasn't known for its riveting barroom discussions. Yesterday's leak was for Xbox One, whereas the previous was for PS4. The game has a fan base without equal at this point, and a fresh start sequel is bound to bring back a hell of a lot of lapsed players. Everything else, including gained levels, skills, currency, weapons, and gear, will not be transferred from Destiny to Destiny 2. With today being the last update to the now 3-year old Destiny you would think that you would have to wonder what's next.

  • Douglas Reid