Spotify rumored to be launching a Hi-Fi music service

Spotify rival, Tidal, does offer a similar service.

Signs that Spotify was prepping a Hi-Fi launch first surfaced two weeks ago when an email survey asked some users if they would pay $5 above the $10 premium service for lossless audio.

The Spotify Hi-Fi service hasn't been officially launched, though it appears that the necessary behind-the-scenes adjustments are being made.

Furthermore, Spotify has opted to not engage in a war over exclusive album premieres, which has been Apple Music's strategy to lure new users.

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Why this matters: Originally, there was some contention as to whether people can even tell the difference when listening to lossless audio over compressed streaming, which is probably why Tidal has failed to seriously compete against Spotify and Apple Music.

The Verge, citing multiple sources, reports that Spotify will offer lossless, CD-quality audio via a service now known as Spotify Hi-Fi.

"We are constantly testing new products and offers but have not yet announced anything", the company says. Now that Spotify moves inside Tidal's turf, it will give its 40 million subscribers more options. The offer also lists "discounts on limited-edition vinyls" and "one free vinyl (record)" as possible features.

The company reportedly began running a test on a small group of users this week, with prices set at US$5 (RM23) and US$10 more than the US$10 Spotify Premium service. An official release of the new plan shouldn't be too far off, as pricing details are now slowly emerging to a subset of users. Has anyone seen this offer in their Spotify app?

  • Delia Davidson