'The Walking Dead' Just Confirmed That Jesus Is Gay

Gregory insinuates to Simon that "human nature" may result in an uprising.

"I just think it's everything". (Due to traveling to attend PaleyFest in Los Angeles, Martin-Green answered these questions via e-mail.) She broke down her thoughts on Sasha's mindset at the end of the episode, her take on Sasha not saying goodbye to Maggie and revealed which other Walking Dead character she'd love to get a solo episode with.

With Rosita temporarily lowering her forcefields of grumpiness, we had an insight into her brutalised world-view while Sasha's suicidal assault on the Sanctuary was presented as a calculated gamble rather than a foolhardy rush. It effectively turns a suicide mission for two into Sasha risking her life to kill Negan while protecting Rosita.

In a hollowed-out book in Jesus' trailer, Sasha finds a small stash of bullets. Her becoming the leader at The Hilltop is key to the survivors winning the war against The Saviors.

In the meantime, fans reacted to the not-so-big reveal with mostly positive comments (and religious jokes), but also some disappointment - a few liked the idea of Maggie and Jesus getting together after a while, or they mourned the loss of another hot guy to the other team.

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The two embraced, as Maggie told a silent, nodding Daryl, "Help me win". Sasha's bold choice to go in solo forced Rosita to flee the grounds. Gregory is afraid of the possible repercussions that come with taking on Negan and the Saviors so he decides to try to cooperate with them. This man must feel so much guilt for jumping up and punching Negan.

Personally, I'm hoping that in the end, Eugene pulls off the ultimate double cross, but not at the cost of our heroes. The Into the Badlands season 2 premiere is pushing back Talking Dead, and the show's also going to be promoted pretty heavily during The Walking Dead Sunday night.

Rosita runs away and eventually sees someone standing in the shadows with a crossbow. He thinks he is in good with the Saviors and strong, so he threatens Jesus, but it is ultimately feeble at best because that is just who he is. "I look out for my friends and I realized we aren't friends", said Gregory to Jesus. Remember that cool news about Jesus? In the episode before the finale, the makers have indicated that the season is going to be the massive one.

And while the EPs held their cards close to their chest throughout the spoiler-free evening, with the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead fast approaching, Gimble did take a moment to reflect on where the series is heading.

  • Michelle Webb