United States carries out strikes in Yemen targeting al Qaeda

A second strike targeted an Al-Qaeda position east of the militant-held Abyan province town of Shaqra, a security source said.

Before the president's remarks on Tuesday night, a senior US official had said that "valuable intelligence" had been obtained from the raid.

Yemen has been wracked by a civil war between forces loyal to the government and Houthi rebels.

The group has also emerged as a de facto ally of the USA -backed Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his backers - Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - against the Shiite rebels. In 2015, the group's leader was killed in a drone strike in the southern city of Mukalla, the provincial capital of Yemen's largest province of Hadramawt, and which fell into the hands of the group for a year.

Residents said they believed US drones were used in Thursday's strike.

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The attack also left several other service members wounded. The $70 million Osprey could not be flown out and was later destroyed by a Marine AV-8B Harrier jet.

Defense Secretary James Mattis is livid over reports disputing the value of intelligence gathered during last month's raid in Yemen, the Washington Examiner reports. Hmmmm. Similarly, an official who spoke to the Daily Beast yesterday claimed "that the [Yemen] raid garnered possibly "the most intelligence ever netted" on al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, including information that will help USA intelligence map the network of AQAP followers and how they operate".

There are three separate investigations of the raid underway, according to the Pentagon. Human rights groups criticise the tactic because of civilian casualties. According to the Pentagon, at least 14 civilians were killed in the mission along with at least 16 militants. Owens told the newspaper that he refused to meet with Trump at Dover Air Force Base in DE during the "dignified transfer" of his son's remains. Trump declared it a success in his address to Congress on Tuesday, saying that commandos captured intelligence that will allow it to conduct future missions.

Owens' widow, Carryn Owens, was seated during Trump's speech next to the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump.

This is the first USA military action in Yemen since January's Navy SEAL raid that killed Senior Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens.

  • Sonia Alvarado