Westminster terror attack victim Kurt Cochran was killed on first holiday overseas

It had beenthe vacation of a lifetime.

Kurt and Melissa were on their last day of a European trip to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary when the attack happened.

The couple visited Scotland, Ireland and parts of England, including Stonehenge, before arriving in London.

Asked about a photo that emerged of Melissa Cochran lying on the ground after the attack, her mother, Sandra, said: "Well I'm sure you will understand it was heart-wrenching to see this picture of her". "He was like a little kid".

"Their last two weeks here were wonderful for the two of them, it was flawless", she added.

They had planned to return home to Salt Lake City on Thursday - the day after the attack.

As they were crossing Westminster Bridge last Wednesday, a vehicle officials said was driven by 52-year-old Khalid Masood mounted the curb at high speed and plowed into them in Britain's worst terrorist attack since the 2005 subway and bus bombings.

Mr Cochran died, while his wife was left with a broken leg and rib and a cut head.

On Wednesday, Khalid Masood drove his SUV along the same pavement where the women stood, killing three pedestrians before stabbing a policeman to death.

He was one of four people killed by Masood, who was shot dead by police. He left a legacy of generosity and service that continues to inspire us.

Relatives added they were grateful that the incident gave them the opportunity to highlight what an "amazing man" Cochran was.

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Melissa's father, Dimmon Payne, also spoke at the news conference.

Speaking at a press conference, family members said Mr Cochran and his wife Melissa had "fallen in love" with London during their first trip outside of the USA - part of their 25th wedding anniversary.

As the family learned of the attack, pictures surfaced showing Kurt and Melissa Cochran were among the injured, they said. "And that's what we choose to do also".

The family of an American slain in last week's terror attack in London expressed gratitude for the kindness of strangers on Monday, offering hope and resolve that some good would result from the tragedy.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Melissa's parents were serving as missionaries in London.

Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman, James Slack, said tech firms "should be helping us more" to prevent terrorism. "This is abhorrent to us", she said. "He was happy to share in what we had created and he was so excited that we were able to accomplish something with our band". "Your notes, prayers, donations and love have helped us so much", they said.

Participating in family occasions without Kurt will be one of the hardest things to handle, relatives said.

"It was fun to just sit back on the couch and watch him on the floor wrestling with all the kids, and they would literally, you know, six or seven of them, be piled on top of him, and he just loved it", she said. About 11 family members are expected to attend.

"I do not condone his actions nor support the beliefs he held that led to him committing this atrocity", she added.

Boyle is a special correspondent.

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