2 more dead in Chicago neighborhood where shootings killed 5

A man was killed and another was wounded Friday afternoon in shootings on the South and Far South sides, Chicago police said.

A Chicago police spokesperson commented that the "incident believed to be gang related retaliation from another incident." .

Homicides were down about 12 percent for the month and 4 percent for the year.

Around 11 p.m. Thursday, a black Jeep pulled alongside a gray van on 71st Street and someone fired into the van, killing a woman in the front seat and a man in the back seat.

Police credited new data-driven crime-fighting technology in keeping violence down in two of the city's most historically violent districts, Englewood and Harrison.

Separate shootings in one Chicago neighborhood have left five people dead, including a pregnant woman. He added coordinated police operations will target the people who are driving the violence in the neighborhood and where retaliatory violence may occur. A woman who saw the footage of the shooting on her home surveillance system told the Chicago Sun-Times that another individual got out of the van and ran away. A police source said officers can not force entry into a home unless someone's life is in immediate danger, and there was no sign of that in this case.

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Harrowing pictures capture a grandmother's heartbreaking reaction to the discovery that her two grandsons were killed in a shooting in Chicago. "Crazy. Something is wrong".

Cook County medical examiner's office identified three of the victims as brothers Raheem and Dillon Jackson, aged 19 and 20, and 28-year-old Emmanuel Stokes. In a tragic continuing trend whose victims are overwhelmingly African-American, families continue to suffer the consequences of gun violence in their communities.

Two additional victims were found shot dead inside the restaurant.

The man who was killed outside of the neighborhood's cultural and recreational center was said to be a known gang member even though authorities don't yet know if his murder was connected to his gang affiliation, USA Today said.

Just after noon, 26-year-old Patrice L. Calvin, four months pregnant, was found dead less than four blocks away.

In each of the cases, no suspects have been apprehended, but police say investigations are ongoing.

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