Anti-allergy medicine EpiPen recall expands to US

In a release the company says they're being recalled due to two reports of the devices failing to activate outside Canada. That related to two devices - from one lot - failing to activate. The defect occurs rarely and testing did not identify any product lots with a defect.

The affected EpiPens were distributed from between December 17, 2015 to July 2016.

Mylan NV announced that the additional recalled items were part of 13 lots of EpiPen (0.3 mg) and EpiPen Jr.

A recall of the emergency anti-allergy medicine EpiPen has been expanded to include Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America because some of the devices administrating the allergy shots may not work.

EpiPen (0.3 mg epinephrine) auto-injector lot 5GU763, expiry date May 2017. Mylan responded by initiating sales of a so-called authorized generic for $300, but now faces increased competition, as well.

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It is important that patients continue to carry their current EpiPen Auto-Injector until they receive a replacement device. To return your product, you can contact Stericycle at 877-650-3494.

Replacement EpiPens can be obtained from your pharmacy, if it has the auto-injector (or its generic equivalent) in stock.

This voluntary recall is being conducted with the knowledge of FDA.

EpiPens are filled with epinephrine, which is injected into a person's thigh to counteract potentially fatal severe allergic reactions.

Please see the full Prescribing Information and Patient Information.

  • Darren Santiago