Backstage WWE News On The Hardy Boyz's WrestleMania 33 Return

He is the author of the Broken gimmick and the WWE would be wise to allow the Hardys to bring some of that flavor to the WWE.

Sunday night, the Hardy Boys blew that moment out of the water when he were inserted into the tag team title ladder match and - stunner - won the belts. They joined Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, Cesaro and Sheamus, and Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

It looked like the stable was set to throw their own hat into the ring, but then the familiar Hardy entrance music blared and the crowd went bonkers. The Good Brothers exercised their rematch immediately, claiming they weren't prepared for a fourth team, and especially not ladder match experts Matt & Jeff, at 'Mania.

There's no denying that the Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff, brought a different level of excitement to WWE back in the day.

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The Hardys ran wild early on, looking none worse for the wear despite working a ladder match with the Young Bucks in Ring of Honor just the previous night.

The match is about as chaotic as you'd expect, with bodies flying around the ring and men setting up ladders in convoluted spots. "We DELETED The Club's Tag Team title reign!"

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Matt and Jeff Hardy reportedly did not arrive at the stadium until very late, an attempt by WWE to keep their return quiet. But the (formerly?) Broken One got free for a tag to Jeff.

Now, we get to focus on the Hardy Boyz being on Monday Night Raw, which is about 18 hours away.

  • Michelle Webb