David Letterman replaces Neil Young at Rock Hall show

"You let me know".

"For the singer who was flapping down the rafters and hanging off of bikes and jumping off of balconies". They didn't deserve that. "Any singer would give his ass for that s-!"

Vedder added: "I swear, I used to be able to hold my whole body up with one finger". Letterman noted that Pearl Jam was on his show 10 times and that one of the things he misses in retirement is getting to hear live music daily.

In the '90s, climbing stage scaffolding, swinging from ceiling rafters, and stage diving from towering camera cranes were all part of Eddie Vedder's repertoire.

While Pearl Jam had to wait until the end to be honored, its presence was felt from the beginning. Vedder did a massive staged dive from a camera mast into the crowd during a wild performance of the song "Porch". Pearl Jam also played "Given to Fly", with current drummer Matt Cameron taking over, and concluded its three-song set with "Better Man" when they were joined by keyboardist Boom Gaspar. "It even means a lot to the artist".

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The choice of Letterman is fitting as the Better Man rockers - Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Matt Cameron - performed several times on his CBS show.

"I've been gone a long time, I understand that, but you've never not been in my heart, " he said. "This is about all you guys - especially Journey fans tonight".

"I love these people so much. I'm looking forward to all our attractive days on ground together". "We can not have [future generations] look back and say, "Why did they not do everything humanly possible?' We don't have 108 years", Mr. Vedder added, referencing the time between the Chicago Cubs" World Series victories. His speech would veer between his usual sense of humor and some really earnest moments, including where, at one point, he called for the Hall of Fame to induct his friend Warren Zevon (and how that hasn't already happened is a mystery). There were no Pearl Jam lunchboxes, but Eddie Vedder's appearance on the cover of Time magazine hastened some backlash. I was nearly 50 and even I was pissed off and it was also easy to dance to but that's another deal. "I don't think it means anything". Here are a few - Jackson Browne inducting Joan Baez; David Letterman inducting Pearl Jam; Rush's Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee inducting Yes; Dhani Harrison inducting ELO; Pat Monahan inducting Journey; Pharrell Williams inducting Nile Rodgers and Snoop Dogg inducting Tupac Shakur.

Harris explains why Rodgers deserves to be celebrated as an individual artist, stating, "if you look at the people that he's worked with over the decades, it's pretty remarkable - as a producer, as a guitar player - and it's an wonderful litany of artists".

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