Democrats oppose Gorsuch, say he rules against workers

Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin, facing re-election in Wisconsin next year, also opposes the nomination, a spokesman said. Such a change also would apply to future Supreme Court nominees and would be especially important in the event that Trump gets to fill another opening and replace a liberal justice or Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court's so-called swing vote.

McConnell has said he plans for Gorsuch to be confirmed by the time the Senate goes on recess for Easter on April 7th, adding the clock to the list of hurdles for Democrats, who won't have much time for debate when the nomination hits the Senate floor April 3rd. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has said he is open to voting for him.

Several Judiciary Committee Democrats, including its top Democrat Dianne Feinstein, declined to comment on whether they would support a filibuster. The speakers included the father of an autistic boy whom Gorsuch ruled against.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Democratic threats of delay, in the face of what he called Gorsuch's outstanding performance, stem from their base's refusal "to accept the outcome of the election". Not only would this reduce the divisiveness, but it would also result in having one more exceptionally qualified justice on the Supreme Court. "Additionally, Judge Gorsuch has an anti-worker record, he has shown hostility toward upholding disability rights, and with his inability to clearly state his position on Roe v. Wade and the position he took on women's access to birth control coverage, he's sent a message loud and clear that he would be a voice against women's health and rights".

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"The Democrats, or at least their leader [Sen.] Chuck Schumer, are now vowing to make good on their Quixotic threat to filibuster his nomination", the two-time GOP presidential candidate wrote late Thursday on his Facebook page.

But Republicans wouldn't even give him the courtesy of a hearing.

Another witness was Jeff Perkins, father of an autistic son who Gorsuch ruled against in 2008 in a special-education dispute using legal reasoning repudiated by the Supreme Court in a related case on Wednesday.

  • Michelle Webb