Hackintosh builders rejoice: Nvidia is bringing Pascal drivers to Mac

Those specs make it comparable to the the recently announced GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, which is a consumer card designed primarily for gaming. If a new flagship is released between now and 2018, maybe the Titan Xp becomes the graphics card for the affordable future Mac Pro, with the new flagship in the high-end model.

While this will provide a huge boost to gaming, these kinds of graphics cards will also improve the capabilities of Macs as video- and photo-editing machines.

While Nvidia is coming up with newer cards, the graphics card cindustry still awaits rival AMD's answer to Nvidia's Pascal, with its forthcoming "Vega" architecture that could be unveiled any time now.

NVIDIA HAS EMERGED, once again, to launch another ultra-powerful graphics card, dubbed the Titan Xp, which is essentially an update of 2016's Titan X.

In related news, it seems that there will be a new driver set that will be released by Nvidia this month, which will allow for better compatibility with Mac systems.

How NVIDIA GeForce TITAN XP Completely Outperformed Xbox Scorpio?

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What this tells me is that the Titan-branded products have gone from essentially a "really profitable niche" to a core brand and product line that the company is determined to continue to support and keep current.

Critically, it will now be hard to buy and sell Titan X cards second-hand.

Oddly, the new card looks identical to the old one, even down to the Titan X lettering - it doesn't say Titan Xp. It's also quite large and thus relatively hard to manufacture.

This new refresh uses the same GP102 GPU, but with all of its resources fully enabled.

Motley Fool co-founders Tom and David Gardner have spent more than a decade beating the market.

The GTX 108 Ti Founder's Edition, which is essentially Nvidia's own card, costs £699 from Amazon, or $699 if you're in the US.

  • Delia Davidson