How to see SPECTACULAR meteor shower displays over Lincolnshire THIS WEEKEND

The same will be true for the very early morning of April 23, though the meteor shower will already be past its peak by that point. The best time to view the meteor shower is between midnight and dawn. On an average, however, meteors appear at a rate of about 10 to 20 per hour at their peak on a moonless night.

The Lyrid meteor shower comes from pieces of the comet Thatcher, which was discovered and last seen in 1861.

The Lyrid shower occurs every April when the Earth passes through the dusty tail of Comet Thatcher.

Friday night will be a better bet for stargazers. The moon will be almost to its new moon phase, according to NASA.

After a disappointing year for meteor showers in 2016 due to moonlight interference, the Lyrids are one of several showers which won't be affected by moonlight this year.

Southern California residents should look up to the sky Saturday morning to catch a glimpse of the Lyrids meteor shower.

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The Lyrid is considered to be one of the oldest meteor showers known. Your eyes can take up to 30 minutes to adjust to the darkness, so allow plenty of time for your eyes to dark-adapt.

It's once again time for the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower.

You don't need any kind of special astronomical kit to be able to see the shower.

Get out of the city so that artificial lights do not impede your viewing.

For optimal viewing, find an open sky, lie on the ground, and look straight up into the dark sky.

If you're not in the Northern Hemisphere, or the weather is miserable where you are, you can also check out live coverage of the event over at Slooh (membership required).

  • Douglas Reid